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REAP teaching focuses on straightforward ideas that are accessible to ordinary people in the rural areas.

REAP has printed several books:

  • Stewardship of God’s World: motivational ideas for sustainable agricultural teaching by Dr. Roger Sharland (and in Kiswahili Utunzaji wa Dunia ya Mungu).
  • Reaching out to the Women of Africa: holistic teaching through church women’s fellowships by Rosalia Oyweka (and in French Sensibiliser les Femmes d’Afrique)
  • Building Up the Women of Africa by Rosalia Oyweka and Dr. Roger Sharland
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Technical Change in a Subsistence Society by Dr. Roger Sharland
  • Growing Nutritious Vegetables in Southern Sudan by Dr. Roger Sharland
  • Growing Citrus Trees under Challenging Conditions: low external input citrus growing by Dr. Roger Sharland. This is a practical booklet outlining the steps of growing citrus in marginal situations.
  • Improved Low Input Poultry: ideas for improving local poultry production by Dr. Roger Sharland

REAP stocks Anamed publications on Natural Medicine in the Nairobi office.
Click link to the Anamed website

You can purchase these books by contacting Ms Anne Sigei or Dr. Roger Sharland. Prices will be quoted in the currency of the inquiry.

REAP also produces teaching leaflets on specific topics.
 Click here for Teaching Leaflets.