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Personal Stories: Sister Francisca’s Medicinal Garden

Sr. Francisca Kaesa is a member of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters. She was a missionary in Tanzania and while there developed an interest in Natural Medicines. She was sponsored to attend one of the REAP/anamed Natural Medicines seminars in November… more information
Editor | Jun 15, 2019

Personal stories: How Monica went from water carrier to Roselle producer

We first met Monica at the Kisumu Regional Show. REAP used to have a stand at the Kisumu Regional Show and Monica helped us by carrying water. She helped us as we prepared for the show and throughout the seven … more information

Editor | Apr 5, 2019

News from our travels with our Natural Medicine teachings

In February, Roger travelled with Rosalia to Kwale which is near the coast in Kenya. They went to facilitate a five-day Natural Medicine seminar at the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine.

We covered the usual topics that we train on. … more information

Editor | Mar 11, 2019

May 2019 Natural Medicines Seminar

REAP and anamed Kenya are planning to conduct another Natural Medicines Training Seminar at the beginning of May 2019 at the Subiaco Centre in Karen, a suburb of Nairobi.

The Aims

The aims of the May 2019 Natural Medicines Training … more information

Editor | Jan 16, 2019

Update from Natural Medicines Seminar in November 2018

REAP conducted a Natural Medicines Training Seminar from November 18th-24th, 2018 at the Subiaco Centre in Karen, near Nairobi.

Fourteen participants attended this intensive training seminar from different parts of Kenya. The participation was excellent and we covered the full … more information

Editor | Jan 15, 2019
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