UK Trustees of REAP

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the website and for all that you do to support the REAP team in Kenya.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries, using the contact form below.

Appointment of New Trustees

Are you able to offer your time or expertise to provide vital support for REAP’s work in Kenya? We are looking to recruit at least two new trustees to join the UK team.  

We ask that you prayerfully consider whether you, or someone you know may be able to take on the role. Trustees have an important part to play, enabling REAP to continue to operate.

The position would be well suited to someone with a particular interest in REAP’s work, East Africa, international development, agriculture or natural medicines. The primary responsibilities will vary by role, according to personal experience and key skills. The core time commitment is attending four quarterly board meetings which usually take place on Saturdays, in person or online. Additional duties are completed in your own time, typically one or two hours a month.

For further information, please email us at

Photo of Reap Trustee - Philip

Philip - Chair

An engineer by profession Philip is a member of Greyfriars Church in Reading.
He has supported the work of REAP since its inception in 1999 and has a heart for the poor and marginalised.
He is married to Rosalind and they have two grown-up sons.

Photo of Hannah Sharland - Secretary and Trustee of Reap

Hannah - Secretary

Hannah has been a trustee since September 2018.
She first visited the REAP office in Nairobi when she was 11 years old, during a family holiday. Since then, she has visited three more times and got to know the team as well as experiencing the fantastic work that they do.
She works as a teacher but in her free time, she is a keen gardener and enjoys propagating her own crops and medicinal herbs.

Photo of Reap Trustee - Stephen

Stephen - Data protection officer

Stephen has a keen interest in the work of REAP as he worked in Kenya for more than 20 years with church-based community development programmes including agriculture, water supplies and care of the environment.
He was, with his family, a Church Mission Society (CMS) mission partner in Kenya and now manages CMS's work in Africa. Stephen has met the REAP team in Nairobi several times and visited the Kajulu farm.
He is keen to see how the teaching and practice of REAP can impact a wider community to uplift people in Kenya and beyond.

Photo of Reap Trustee - Mike

Michael - Finance Officer

Michael has been a trustee since September 2018.
He visited the REAP office in Nairobi in 2017 and met Roger, Anne and Wilimina. During this time he gained a better understanding of the work undertaken in Kenya, witnessed a harvest of ginger and turmeric being prepared and saw the interest and enthusiasm of local people as they learned about the work of REAP.
Mike works as a consultant and is married to Hannah.

Photo of Paul Fountain - A trustee of Reap

Paul Fountain

Paul Fountain is a water engineer. For 10 years Paul and his wife Jackie worked for Tear Fund in partnership with churches in the D.R. Congo – working with rural communities helping them to address water supply and community development.
Since returning to the UK Paul works for Thames Water based in Reading.
Paul has supported and helped technically with water and rural development across central, east and southern Africa.
Paul has been a Trustee with Reap since 6th July 2009 and has continued serving to provide historical knowledge and continuity.

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